Traveling with your vape stuff

It’s relatively easy to travel by plane with your vape stuff, but there are some rules, and some traveler tips we’d like to share. TSA is very familiar with vapor devices, but you’ll need to visit TSA.GOV and search for ecig to get the full details, policies and procedures. Always follow TSA guidelines first and foremost.

Here are a few other tips.

First you need to understand a pressurized airplane cabin will cause tanks to leak liquid everywhere. If you put your filled tanks in a baggy, you’ll only create a huge mess inside that bag. So what can you do?

1. Store the tank upside down.
This applies only to bottom fill tanks. By storing them upside down as in the picture below, in this case placed in a backpack pocket that I keep upright while we fly, the ejuice stays put. You should also shut off the airflow vent. If you know for sure the tank is secured from tipping, as when stored in a backpack pocket, you can also place a paper towel or napkin in the pocket because a drop or two may make it’s way down the chimney while you’re traveling. The new “top fill” tanks present a challenge because storing the tank upside down will likely still allow your eliquid to leak out the top. If you store it upright, the liquid will likely leak through the coil and through the vents. We recommend vapers empty top fill tanks.

To prevent your bottom fill tanks from leaking while flying, turn them upside down.

To prevent your bottom fill tanks from leaking while flying, turn them upside down.

2. Empty the tank completely
Emptying the tank just about eliminates the chances of a messy leak. Close off the airflow vent and put the tank in a baggy. Some drops may eventually appear, but at least you’re not losing a couple ML of eliquid.

3. Turn your batteries off
Products with lithium batteries (cell phones, vape mod batteries, etc.) present a hazard, and cannot be stored in your checked luggage. So be sure to turn them off when you put them in your carry on bag.

4. Do not vape on the airplane.
We as a community don’t need to see news articles about someone trying to vape on a plane. Don’t be a moron. Simply stated, be respectful to be respected.